Calendula and chamomile are widely appreciated plants in cosmetics, with numerous beneficial properties. They effectively soothe skin irritations and inflammations, lighten blemishes, and provide moisturisation. They also possess anti-inflammatory and toning properties. Organic Calendula and chamomile soap is an excellent choice, even for sensitive skin.


The calendula soap is made from 86% high-quality organic ingredients.


  1. Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)
  2. Aqua
  3. Sodium Rapeseedate (Rapeseed Seed Oil)
  4. Sodium Olivate (Olive Fruit Oil)
  5. Glycerin
  6. Sodium Shea (Shea) Butterate
  7. Argilla Pulverem (White Clay Powder)
  8. Calendae (Calendula) Matricaria Oil
  9. Chamomilla (Chamomile) Matricaria Oil
  10. Limonene
  11. Linalool

Thanks to its regenerative properties, Calendula can accelerate the skin healing process.

Sposób użycia

Lather the body and then rinse thoroughly.

Avoid contact with the eyes. If the soap comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with cold water. The soap contains natural essential oils. If you are pregnant, consult a doctor before use. Do not eat!

Let's look after the Earth together!

95% of the packaging is recyclable, and the remaining is biodegradable.